About us

On August 21, 2019, entrepreneurs Martin van der Meer and Gerben van Leeuwen jointly founded the company X-Corp. The goal of this company was to create a scalable and more attractive version of the immensely popular escape room at that time. They wanted to combine the benefits of the escape room, such as fun team collaboration, with a more interesting business model. The X-Cube was conceived, and work began on the first prototype of the X-Cube.

The X-Cube was designed to make it easier for locations such as hotels, bowling alleys, go-kart tracks, entertainment centers, holiday parks, and other leisure facilities to add an escape room-like solution. The X-Cube only takes up 16 square meters of space, and it offers multiple different games for various target audiences. Furthermore, there’s no need for staff at the location to manage the X-Cube or monitor the game.

After the summer of 2021, the first X-Cube was installed at an external location, and more locations quickly followed. Currently, there are over 25 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium with an X-Cube.

The adventure began with the game Spy Training, where you are trained as a master spy, and later, a children’s version was launched. In 2022, these games were narrated by Katja Schuurman and Sterre Koning, and the game “Agent 8008” by YouTuber Ronald Vledder was also launched. After the summer of 2023, two new games were released: “Murder at the Mansion” and “Crazy Gameshow.” The latter game differs from previous escape games because it can be played more frequently, as its foundation lies in arcade-style games. This ensures that X-Corp provides a continually diverse offering for locations to optimize their occupancy rates.

In addition to Center Parcs and Escape Mission, X-Cube entered into a partnership with Pathé in 2023, and the first three branches have already opened. A collaboration with Jumpsquare has also been announced. Starting in 2023, X-Corp will explore the international market.