Pathé introduces interactive X-Cube escape experiences

First location opens today at Pathé Zwolle


Zwolle, June 5 – Pathé and X-Corp are joining forces to bring the successful X-Cube to three Pathé cinemas this summer. The first location opened today at Pathé Zwolle and two more locations will follow in the coming weeks at Pathé Nijmegen and Pathé Schiedam. X-Cube is an interactive digital escape room experience for 2 to 6 people. The addition of X-Cube to Pathé expands the fun and entertainment available at the theaters, making a cinema visit an even more complete day or evening out.


A mission to mars, a horror adventure or training as a spy – it’s all possible in the X-Cube. The X-Cubes are rooms of 4 by 4 meters, filled with technical gadgets, such as an immense touch screen, controllers, black light, light effects, and an impressive sound system. In the X-Cube, visitors can play various one-hour or half-hour experiences with 2 to 6 people. The experiences are presented by Katja Schuurman, Sterre Koning and Youtuber Ronald Vledder, among others.


X-Cube already has 20 successful locations in the Netherlands and two in Belgium. Pathé Zwolle is the first cinema in the Netherlands to be equipped with an X-Cube. The following Pathé X-Cube locations will be revealed soon.


Bram van den Broek, Director New Business Pathé: “Pathé believes it is important to offer a great outing for all generations, which is why we are always innovating. For example, we have already successfully added Go!Gaming locations to five Pathé cinemas since 2021. In addition, more and more of our theaters include other entertainment, leisure and restaurants which are ideal for spending time together or extending the cinema visit. X-Cube offers unique adventures that fit Pathé perfectly, where visitors experience something special together with friends or family. This allows them to enjoy a complete day or evening out even more.”


Gerben van Leeuwen, Co-Founder X-Cube: “We are extremely proud to place X-Cubes at Pathé. In the cinemas, many visitors can start taking part in the X-Cube experience. The large razor-sharp touch screens fit perfectly with Pathé’s premium movie experience. We are looking forward to the upcoming X-Cubes at different locations in the cinemas.”


Tickets and reservations 

The X-Cube is suitable for adults and children ages 9 and up. The games last 30 to 60 minutes. Visitors can enter the X-Cube independently by using the code in the confirmation email. The costs depend on the length of the chosen game. It is €9.50 p/p for a 30-minute game and €17.50 p/p/ for a 60-minute game.  Booking an X-Cube is done through the X-Corp platform, and the visitor is sent from to the booking environment.


About Pathé

Pathé is the first and largest cinema brand in the Netherlands, founded in Paris in 1896 by true pioneers in the field of film: the Pathé brothers. Their goal was to share the wonderful world of film with as many people as possible. Pathé in the Netherlands has 30 locations, 253 theaters and 1,900 employees, including the Royal Theatre Tuschinski. This makes Pathé the market leader and offers the ultimate cinema experience for everyone. Through its wide range of films, live streams of opera, sports and gaming, among other things, the latest techniques such as IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Cinema and ScreenX, and business events, Pathé creates special and unforgettable cinema stories for families, friends and young lovers.


About X-Corp/ X-Cube

Founded in 2019 by two Dutch entrepreneurs, X-Corp BV builds and develops digital escape experiences under the name X-Cube. It has quickly become one of the largest escape companies in the Netherlands. By offering different experiences in the same rooms, the X-Cubes can reach different target groups from young to old. 30 X-Cubes will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium before the summer, and other regions of Europe will follow later in 2023.

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