X-Corp delivers interactive escape experiences to Jumpsquare Group

X-Cubes at Jumpsquare and JumpXL locations

Maassluis – In the coming years, Jumpsquare Group will expand its leisure offerings at its locations in the Netherlands with the X-Cube. In this interactive space of 16m², visitors to JumpXL and Jumpsquare can play various challenging experiences in teams of 2 to 6 people. Not only are there fun and challenging games for the younger audience, but also an older audience can enjoy exciting escape experiences here.

The X-Cube consists of a 16m² cube, featuring a large touchscreen and is themed accordingly. A complete experience for 2-6 people where sound, visuals, and gameplay come together. The X-Cube contains a large 4K display with touch controls. You have a crystal-clear image accompanied by full sound to make the experience truly immersive. In the X-Cube, you have an hour or half an hour for your adventure. So, work together well and communicate effectively. Who knows, you might achieve the highest score! The X-Cube can always be opened from the inside without interrupting the experience.

The X-Cube functions like an escape room, but it’s a combination of electronic and analog tools with the latest technologies. The X-Cube is scalable, features a massive screen, and there’s no reset time, allowing the game to be played every hour or half hour. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional escape rooms. You can engage in a lifelike interactive game with friends, colleagues, or family, with two to eight players. The games are automatically controlled. The cube is interactive, offering many possibilities for various games.

For children aged 8 and above, there are currently two experiences. In “Spy Training Kids,” you are trained as a master spy by Sterre Koning through 9 challenging tasks that you must complete in 30 minutes. The other experience is “Agent 8008,” where, in a team, you must help YouTuber Ronald Vledder find his abducted friend within 30 minutes. For the older audience, there’s a 30-minute or 60-minute “Spy Training” led by Katja Schuurman. Later this year, a “Murder Mystery Experience” and a “Crazy Gameshow” will also be added to the X-Cube.

X-Cube at Jumpsquare

Jumpsquare Group, the parent company of Jumpsquare and Jump XL, is the largest and most prominent operator of indoor trampoline parks in Northwest Europe. They have a network of over 30 parks across 4 countries, operated both directly and through franchise partners. With the introduction of X-Cubes at their locations, Jumpsquare aims to diversify further and appeal to a broader audience. The first two X-Cubes will be placed at Jumpsquare Rijswijk and Jump XL Spijkenisse before summer, and with more success, most of the parks in the Netherlands will be equipped with an X-Cube. International collaboration is also being explored.

Gerben van Leeuwen, CEO of X-Corp, is pleased with Jumpsquare Group as a location partner. “Jumpsquare locations are perfect for children’s parties, but during weekends and evenings, we also see a market for families and friend groups to visit Jump XL or Jumpsquare for an X-Cube experience. Additionally, we see Jumpsquare as an ideal partner for our international ambitions.”

Roland van Geest, CEO of Jumpsquare Group, is also excited about the collaboration. “It aligns well with our vision of bringing people together and letting them relax in a pleasant and safe environment at our fun parks. The X-Cube is a concept that we can easily implement, offering a variety of experiences to diverse audiences.”

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